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No matter what your furniture fabric is, we can clean it with expert attention. From wools, blends, cottons and vinyls to canvas, leathers, velvets, and suedes, we can do the lot!  That means, we can refresh the life of your furniture and give it the look you can be proud of.  Our professional licensed and fully insured operators can clean your upholstery on chairs, lounges, rockers, office chairs, sofa beds, furnishings and even your mattress.  And to ensure your satisfaction before we even start, our technician closely inspects you’re item(s) to be cleaned and if he has any concerns whatsoever about the material of any upholstered furniture, he will advise you and make recommendations based on the age and condition of the piece. 

Here’s some quick tips to help you keep your fabrics in good condtion;

Regular Upholstery Care

  • Vacuum regularly and if you have one, use the upholstery attachment and keep the suction low.
  • Get those spills and marks cleaned ASAP because they get harder to remove the longer they are left.
  • Use a recognised quality fabric cleaner for stains as general household cleaners are quite likely to cause damage to fibres and discolour the fabric. 
  • Locate and refer to your Fabric Care Label on your furniture before attempting any cleaning.
  • Be careful of what you use as a cleaning cloth because dye can transfer from some cloths and leave a worse stain that what you started with.
  • Try to avoid using fabrics like denim and coloured cords for your cleaning cloths.
  • We know it’s obvious but do your best to prevent sharp objects such as rings, buckles, studs and pet claws as there is a high chance they will cause damage unwittingly. 
  • Velcro is another product to keep away from your fabric upholstery as this creates pilling very quickly.

Upholstery Fabric Pilling 

Pilling or balling is not considered a fault as it will appear on any fabric as a natural result of friction when it rubs against other fibres or even skin. It occurs as the fabric surface is rubbed and a single or small group of loose surface fibres begin to twist within itself thereby forming tiny balls or 'pills'.  There is a thing called a Fabric Pill Remover, which is safe if used correctly and will not affect the quality of the fabric. However, keeping up with the regular vacuuming and cleaning to remove dirt and grime and any loose fibres which will greatly help prevent the pills forming.

Fading Upholstery Treatments

Always protect your furnishing fabrics from direct sunlight as the suns rays are very harsh and unforgiving on your furniture. Not only will it cause fading, it will also cause the fibres to become brittle and eventually weaken thereby resulting in holes in the fabric

Upholstery Fabrics Discolouration

One of the main culprits for the discolouration of your fabrics are the fumes from open fires, gas fires, stoves and similar. These produce a sulphur compound which when combined with humidity and the oxygen in the air will produce a mild sulphuric acid. Furnishing fabric will absorb these fumes and the process of discolouration will commence followed very shortly thereafter with the deterioration of the fabric. 

If not performed correctly, steam cleaning with unregulated pressure home style steamers and harsh spot cleaning may well leave water marks which will then result in cellulosic browning. 

And when your favourite pet is sitting comfortably on your sofa, remember that their body oils can easily transfer to the fabric and over time cause discolouration. The same applies when they doing what they love most, rubbing against the fabric.

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