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pressure cleaning services BrisbaneExterior Upkeep Pressure Washing

The exterior of your home is the first and often last impression your visitors have, which means that proper maintenance and cleaning are a necessity to keep it in top shape. Pressure washing has a significant effect on your home’s overall appearance because it helps clean and maintain the areas exposed to the elements.

This solution won't hurt children, pets, flowers or your home but you can rest assured that it does clean dirt, chalk and pollutants off the exterior areas of your valuable investment.

Areas such as exterior wallboards and brickwork, wood fencing, stone walls, decks, concrete floors and walls can all benefit from high pressure washing. And why? Simply because it cleans off all dirt and stains that can damage your home over a period of time. Good pressure washing will restore the look of your home and take years of wear off its appearance.

Exterior Painting Preparation

Pressure washing is the ideal solution required to prepare the surface for painting. However, this option is not advised for anyone that has not had sufficient experience with using the high pressure forces of a jet of water directed at your timber, decks and fascias.  It has such a velocity that within a split second, you could have a series of deep gouges in your wood work and by continuing on, you will find that you will spend many hours filling in and sanding those ‘accidents’. Call the professionals to save time and money.

Pressure washing before painting is imperative. It's the only way to properly clean all the surfaces to ensure the new paint sticks. If you don't power wash before painting you run a very high risk of mass peeling in the near future because the new paint cannot stick to the dirty surface underneath. It's the first stage of preparing the work with any painting project on the exterior of the home and a wise investment.

Driveway & Garage Pressure Washing & Degreasing

Our Pressure Washing service carries many benefits in assisting with the returning of your bond. Why lose $250.00 (or more) of your bond money for a job that may only cost the landlord $90.00 to get in a professional? Save your money! Book it yourself with us.

We offer two prices with our pressure washing service for your convenience: $2.75 per square metre with the use of either our Carpet Cleaning service or our Bond Cleaning service. If either of these services are not required we offer a rate of $3.00 per square metre with a minimum $80.00 call out.

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