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Can I Successfully Clean my Upholstery?

Your furniture is a valuable asset and quite often, a family heirloom. It is something that is used on a daily basis around your home and/or office. Therefore it is no surprise stains and spots will gradually start to appear. And because it is a gradual process, you do not notice the changes visually (that is until you see a photo of what it used to look like or you call in the professional



upholstery cleaners).But not only this, fabric couches and upholstery in general trap allergens that can be harmful to your family. This is something that is near impossible to clean and remove with your vacuum cleaner or other traditional ‘home remedy’ methods.

A professional upholstery cleaning company has the expertise and the equipment to restore your upholstery almost back to how it looked when you first got it but not only that, they will remove allergens, mites, pet fleas and fur to restore the high level of hygiene you want in your home.

Another important factor for consideration is that when engaging the services of Brisbane upholstery cleaning companies, they will remove all allergenics and stubborn stains while ensuring your fabric or leather is not damaged. By using a minimal moisture cleaning system which leaves the fabric almost completely dried when they finish, there is no risk of shrinkage to your upholstery fabrics. This is the same technique that is recommended by many manufacturers and your item is always inspected prior to the selection and mixing of solvents to ensure the best results.

So to answer your question, yes, of course you can clean your upholstery successfully … but, without professional equipment and expertise, you cannot clean it completely or rid it of allergens.

Andrew Steele
24 January 2015

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